Mad Reliable

Gutenberg block to showcase site uptime. Dynamically populates from Uptime Robot API. 

I don’t think we’re doing half bad, by the way 😎. 

Site name Uptime ratio
About Face: Veterans Against The War100.000
Dearest Justin100.000
Dream Defenders Action Fund100.000
Geo Cages100.000
Get Medicare For All100.000
IP3 Action92.908
M Power Change100.000
Miami Rising100.000
Mosquito Fleet99.990
NDN Collective100.000
New Florida Majority100.000
New Florida vision99.948
Other98 Action99.996
Save Blackwater100.000
Seedi System100.000
Social Security News99.980
Stand With Standing Rock100.000
Standing Rock CDC99.982
Tiny Pixel100.000
Wall Off Trump100.000
Water Protector Legal Collective99.991

Gutenberg Basics: Working With Blocks

The fundamentals, Part 1. Learn what blocks are and how to use them.

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