We build delightful websites, apps and campaigns for non-profits, artists and makers

But, there’s a catch. We don’t work for everyone.

To see if you’re a good fit, look inward and then check out the following (not all-inclusive) examples of the sorts of people we think would be a good fit:

Welcome home!

  • I'm trying to get crowdfunding for a retro game console I designed in my spare time.
  • A multi-national oil conglomerate is trying to build an oil pipeline in my community and the Governor is set to make bank off it.
  • I tried to hack Tiny Pixel and I wrote a blog about it But, my current server is kind of slow so nobody's reading it 😒
  • I have no idea what a database is but I'm supposed to move my organization's data from Nation Builder to Action Network.

Nah, we're good.

  • I represent an "innovative conglomeration of landlords" with a Bold Initiative to squash tenants rights in low-income areas.
  • I own a puppy mill and recent legislation has really put a damper on my mom-and-pop business of selling sick dogs.
  • I own a company that turns other people's misfortunes into assets which I trade on the open market for liquid assets which I invest in real estate and puppy mill holdings.

Why Tiny Pixel?

We actually give a shit.

It's impossible to say what Tiny Pixel wants to say without sounding like an ad agency or marketing firm but here goes.. If you're working with us it means we're legit excited about what you're up to. Your successes inspire us to keep obsessing and innovating.

We're constantly improving.

We have servers all over the world hosted on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and MaxCDN. Our deployments are smart and allow us to push updates to all regions.

And users are routed to a server close to them so they get the fastest possible connection -- we currently have servers in San Fransisco, Oregon, New York and South Carolina.

We plan on adding a Toronto availability zone later this year πŸš€  

We can help you improve everything.

We can handle the entire stack. Development, design and cloud servers for websites, app design, development & deployment for mobile and desktop. We help Tiny Pixel partners with data migrations, e-commerce needs, and world-class security. We're great at it.

Disaster strikes? We've got you covered.

Don't lose everything. We can help you treat your org data the way we treat the data on our servers: backed up to multiple cloud providers using automated processes.

We've built some crazy successful stuff.

Millions of dollars are raised by people using our platform every year. That's not all us, but we like to think that our design and development helped make it happen.

β€œEvery step of the way Tiny Pixel walked me through what we were doing β€” and why we were doing it β€” which empowered me to make informed decisions about my website. Most importantly, they made sure that I could do all the back-end work myself which was something I never thought I would be able to do. Now I feel a real sense of ownership over my site.”
L.J. Amsterdam
Director of Development
The Ruckus Society

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